Legal Translation

Legal translation is a specialized field of the translator activity, requiring accuracy and consistency in the use of speech turns, as well as a thorough understanding of the legal basics and peculiarities of the applied areas of law.

I pride myself on delivering professional translation and legal services. Language makes sharing law knoweledge possible.

I work to match each particular translation assignment and to meet the client’s strict quality standard requirements.

Your translation will be efficient, cost effective and meeting a strict deadline.

I provide managing language projects with the expert knowledge of law.

If your legal project, document or contract needs converting from English into Russian or from Russian into English I have the necessary experience and expertise to help you.

It includes:

  • Personalized service delivering accurate translations between Russian and English languages made by the experienced translator
  • Translations for the ongoing legal projects are made at no extra cost
  • Special offers to long-standing clients throughout the year
  • Competitive pricing
  • Direct contact and feedback!

Written translation services in the subject areas:

  • Translation of legal documents: contracts, agreements, supplements, powers of attorney, etc.
  • Corporate documents, Company Articles of Association 
  • Legal commentaries, Expert opinions
  • Legal pleadings, requests, applications
  • Court documents, court judgements and rulings
  • Business and sales documents translations
  • Personal and business legal document translations
  • Translation of general texts

Consecutive oral interpretation services:

  • Consecutive oral interpretation of meetings, negotiations, meetings of shareholders, meetings of the Board of Directors
  • Consecutive oral interpretation at certification or notarization of documents at the Moscow notary